Sunday, July 29, 2007

GIrls night out

Don't these moms look great, only 4 weeks after having their babies?? Our husbands sayed home to watch the babies while a couple of us girls went out for drinks and dessert at Chili's. It was so fun to hang out, and I'm sure even more fun for them to have a break from nursing, changing diapers, and rocking crying babes. Yay for sensitive, giving husbands!

For Sara

This is for Sara Calhoun, and everyone else who's been wanting to see a picture of my baby bump. It sure is fun to finally look pregnant! These are pictures from week 22 1/2... it sure is flying by!

From the front


Thursday, July 26, 2007


Andy and I have the awesome priveledge to be the godparents of my cousin Micheal's new baby girl, Kelly Berlin!! It has been such a joy to get to know Michael and Delaney better and watch Kelly grow- and she's growing so fast!! A few weekends ago we went to Richmond for her Baptism, and got to spend some time with them.

Michael and Kelly at dinner in Carry town

Delaney and Kelly before the baptism

Kelly afterwards.. so sweet!!

We can't wait for our little one to meet their cousin Kelly!!

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Happy 4th!

Andy and I spent the 4th with the Yoder's. We went down to Main Street to watch the parade, feasted on hebrew national hotdogs and ribs, and enjoyed summery cherry pie for dessert together (because what is the 4th of July without cherry pie??).

Sweet Madelyne. If we have a girl, I hope she has as much spunk and personality as Maddy does!!

Heidi and Baby Ian

Heidi and Ian, Brent, Maddy, and Andy.
One of the hardest parts of leaving Harrisonburg in less than a month is going to be leaving our wonderful next-door neighbors, landlords, and friends. We were so blessed to stumble upon our apartment two years ago (thanks to Tabitha!!)- it has been the perfect home for us. We are really going to miss spending time with Brent & Heidi and watching Madelyne and Ian grow.

Thursday, July 5, 2007

The Faces of Phoebe

Some funny (and cute!) pictures of Phoebe's faces

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Sweet Baby Cole


Baby #2 is born!!! Phoebe Evangeline Cole was born to Sarah and Levi on Friday, June 29th at 5:50am, weighing 6lbs. 4oz. She is a beautiful, perfect little girl! We are overjoyed with our friends that she's finally here, and lok forward to watching her grow a lot in the coming weeks! Here are some pics from the hospital...

The parents-to-be

The nurses let us stay with Sarah for the first few hours of her labor. So Sarah placed some last minute Mary Kay orders before things got crazy, and we tried to keep her mind off of the contractions. It was neat to be with her for this part, and I feel like I have a better idea about what labor will be like and I'm a little less scared for when it's my turn!

Levi took a nap...

While Sarah had contractions

She's here!

Beautiful new family

Happy Daddy!

Happy Mommy!

Hospital Buddies and new mommies

First Margarita

New Dad and Dad-to-be