Sunday, October 21, 2007

He ties my shoes

My wonderful husband ties my shoes for me because my belly gets in the way now! How I love him!


Yay for fall and pumpkin patches!

I'm carrying two pumpkins!

Man and his dog

It was so dry, we were left in a cloud every time a tractor drove by

Lovely pumpkins!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Make them watch TV

At my Cville shower, everyone had a chance to write down some words of wisdom about motherhood for me to put in a journal that I got at the shower Trisha threw for me in Virginia Beach. This one was my favorite. My 2nd grade cousin Sarah wrote it. Notice it does not say "Let them," but "MAKE them watch TV." hahaha Love it!!


My grandfather JD decided that it wasn't fair that I get to recieve all the gifts for baby- he thinks Andy should have something to open, too. So, he gave Andy this gift for the shower a few weekends ago. It's a mobile of Hokie birds, and it even plays the VT fight song!!! Our child is being indoctrinated already to be a Hokie!

Charlottesville Baby Shower

A few weekends ago my Mom, Aunt Karen, and best friend Cara threw me a baby shower in Charlottesville. It was such a great time! I couldn't help thinking that just over two years ago I was in the same spot surrounded by the same ladies, celbrating my coming wedding. I can't believe how fast the time has flown by, and that we are actualy having a baby now! My mom, Karen, Cara and my wonderful cousins did a ton of work making the shower so fun and really pretty. I am so blessed to have so many people who care about me and this little baby. Thanks guys for all the work you did making the day so special!

My mom and friend Stephanie made this quilt for me- on one side are pieces of material from different dresses and halloween costumes that I had worn since childhood, and on the other side are pieces from t-shirts I used to wear, as well as pieces from my baby bedding. THanks Mom!

Getting bigger and bigger!

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Those whom I miss...

I got to visit briefly in Harrisonburg on friday on my way to Charlottesville for the weekend, and was able to see a lot of the friends that I miss so much. In the morning I got to see Tabitha and Josh's sweet new baby Jude Lookabill (see pictures of him on Tabitha's blog, he is the most adorable thing ever!! As well as Sarah Cole, Carly Chase, and their little ones. I have really missed these girls!! I wish I had taken a picture, I had my camera with me and just forgot, I was enjoying holding Jude too much!
I spent the rest of the afternoon with some of the JMU girls I got to know so well last year, and went to their Large Group meeting that evening. Here is a picture of us at Large Group:

All of these girls were on the New York trip I took last spring break (see earlier post), and we laughed at the fact that unbeknownst to me, I was pregnant at the time! I think I remember even commenting at some point on the trip that "I can't wait to have kids, but not for at LEAST two more years..." Looks like God had other plans!!

And, to my delight, Elizabeth had a present for the baby she had been waiting for a while to give me. Are these not the CUTEST little shoes you have ever seen? I am obsessed with little baby shoes....

It was a great day catching up with people, although it just made me miss everyone even more! God has blessed us so richly with the relationships we have made so far in Blacksburg, but I think that part of my heart will always be in Harrisonburg with these dear friends and sisters.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

A post, finally!!

Soooo... I always get anxious for people to update their blogs, especially since moving to Blacksburg because we don't get to see so many of you very often anymore, but it turns out that we are the worst when it comes to updates! So sorry it has been so long! We have been very busy here in Blacksburg, and have also gotten out of the habit of taking pictures, so it has seemed like we haven't had anything to post about in a while.

What have we been up to the past three weeks?
~More football games (surprise surprise). Each game it gets harder and harder for me to climb up the stands to our seats. I wonder what the November games are going to be like? We keep joking that if I go into labor at either the FSU or Miami games (Nov. 10 and Nov. 17), we will have to name our child Lane, after the football stadium.
~I gave my first talk at Tech InterVarsity's Large Group Meeting (called 180) to about 80-100 students. What an awesome experience. It is so humbling to be entrusted with the task of teaching people something about God, from His word, about His purposes in this world.
~Childbirth classes. Andy and I have been taking classes at the hospital to get ready for the big day. Being a planner at heart, the classes have really helped me to feel confident about labor, knowing (or at least having an idea of) what to expect. Andy gets really into all the breathing excercises we do each week, so much so he falls asleep every time the nurse turns the lights out and turns on the "relaxation music." Makes me wonder what he will do durring the real thing....
~Andy took his first test as a student again, and go an A!!! And the class average was a B! (He didn't know I was going to post that, but I have to brag on him for working so hard!)
~Bruiser has started this new thing of eating poop whenever he finds it. Doesn't matter the animal. Even rabbit poop. It is disgusting. Really really disgusting. Anyone who has any advice for us about how to stop this- PLEASE HELP!!!
~Choosing a church and making relationships there. THis has been a HUGE blessing, as we left an amazing church family back in Harrisonburg, and know how important it is to be part of a community of believers. We have found a great church that we really love, and have been going to a homegroup that meets once a week. We have been really impressed by the authenticity of the people we have been meeting, and the level of vulnerability in the church- it has been refreshing and a great source of comfort and joy for us.

That's about it!