Wednesday, February 25, 2009

crazy blogger!

What is with blogger? Whenever I comment on other friend's blogs, it asks me to type in a varification code by copying whatever lettters I see into a box. Not a big deal. Except, the last few "codes" I have typed in have been:




Seriously? I bet whoever makes these up just gets a kick out of thinking of a bunch of people having to type in "butjam."

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Valentines Day

I absolutely LOVE Valentine's Day. I have my mom to thank for that. My mom made Valentines Day magical. Every year, the week before Valentine's Day, each person in our family got a gift bag attached to their door. She would cut out a stack of construction paper cut-out hearts, and we would spend the week filling each other's bags with treats, homemade cards, and the paper hearts on which we would write down things we loved about each other. Then, on Valentines Day, she cooked a special dinner with a yummy dessert (chocolate, of course!!), and we would open our Valentine Bags. It was such a sweet time reading all the things that were written about us. "I love it when you help me around the house." "You run very fast." "You play the piano so well!" "You are kind to others and are fun to be around." These are things that should be said all year round, of corse, but there was something so special about being showered with love and appreciation on that particular day. Every once in a while, while sorting through a box of things I have saved, I come across one of those paper hearts, and it makes me smile, and feel very loved still.

This year some friends of ours threw a "kids only" V-day party that Abby went to from 3-8. That's right, 5 hours- FIVE- of completely free babysitting so that we can go out and have a nice adult date, and Abby can play with all her best friends! It was the best Valentines Day EVER. We had a special breakfast in the morning, spent some time playing on the drill field in the afternoon, and then had a great evening of Italian food and sugar cookies! It was a blast!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Major Sadness...

Our camera is failing.....

I thought I just had digital slr camera lust, but alas, our trusty little point & shoot is on it's way out... Hardly any of the pictures we take lately are in focus, especially ones taken indoors, and there is a black blurry bar on one edge of the pictures it takes.
It may just need to be serviced, so I am going to take it into a camera shop to get looked at. Let's hope they can fix it- I feel like I am missing so much of Abby without a working camera on hand!

Abby has been particularly adorable lately. Will there ever come a day when my heart doesn't melt just thinking about her? I hope not. Even now, as I picture her curled up with her bear in her crib, I want to just run downstairs, scoop her out of bed, kiss her sweet neck and smell her- I love her smell!

Anyways, today after lunch Andy took Bruiser outside, and Abby ran after him and stood at the back door watching him. She then pressed her mouth against the glass and started blowing on it. Andy started cracking up, saying 'do you SEE this? Oh my goodness, Abby. Jenny you have to see this!" I love how he delights in her. Joy, delight.

She has started bringing books to me, holding them up and looking at me with big eyes that say, "this one, please!" Then she will crawl into my lap and sit patiently as we read through the book. SHe'll do this for a few books before she's off to the next thing. THis afternoon I think we read about 15 books, one after another! These are moments I cherish. Joy, delight.

She started saying "mamma" intentionally last week. When she's upset and she wants to be held, "maaaaaamaaaaa!" When she is tired and cranky, "mamaaaa!" When she is playing, having fun, cuddly, coming to me for a hug (which, to my delight, she does a TON!), "MAma!!" And most recently, when she wakes up happy from a nap or in the morning, "mama! mama! mama!" Melted heart, joy, delight.

A few other things she's been doing lately:
-Walking up and down the street with me on these nice, sunny days! She loves being outside!
-Climbing into Bruiser's bed and then cracking up
-On that note, getting a kick out of everything she does- really, she cracks herself up! She does things, and then throws her head back and laughs at herself!!
-Discovering her belly button, and everyone elses. This also cracks her up.
-Hiding in corners to poop. No joke, she did this twice today. And laughed both times.
-Dancing! When the music starts, look out! This girl has some moves.

Joy, delight!

Monday, February 2, 2009

A "Toddler" She Is!!

To Mom and Dad: proof that Abby walks!

ps make sure you catch her at the end pausing, loosing her balance, and falling on her bum, and then starting to cry before I turn the camera off! She does this EVERY time she lands on her bottom- I think more out of disappointment than anything! But I love it!