Tuesday, August 28, 2007

A Beautiful Sight

Why don't they have these everywhere?

Monday, August 27, 2007

So this is who I work with...

top, l-r: Lindsey Jones (Radford and Virginia Tech), Allison Leslie (UVa Greek), C.J. Goeller (JMU), Joe Ho (Area Director)
bottom, l-r: Scott Yeager (Roanoke College), Wes Barts (Virginia Tech), Steve Tamayo (Wasington & Lee), Derrik Mondue (UVA), Sue Mondue (UVa), Me (Virginia Tech), John Farmer(Intern at Roanoke College), Kevin Boyd (Longwood and Hampden-Sydney)

These are my fellow Shenandoah Area InterVarsity Staff workers. Every August we have a team meeting to catch up with each other, plan for the semester, pray for vision and for our work on the campuses we serve at, and play! I love these people so much! They have taught me a lot the past year and I am so blessed to work with them! Please pray with me for their work on their prospective campuses this year. We serve a big God who is capable of doing more than we can ever imagine or hope for. We are anticipating what He is going to do this year!

Happy 50th, Dad!!

On August 19th, Jenny's Dad turned the big 5-0, and what is a 50th birthday without a surprise party???

We are so blessed to have such a wonderful father, and it was a joy to celebrate the day the Lord brought him into this world! Thank you for all that you do for us, Dad, we love you!!

Sunday, August 12, 2007

The Big Move

FINALLY.... pictures of our move from Harrisonburg to Blacksburg on August 4th!!
We were so blessed to have SO much help from our families and friends- THANK YOU THANK YOU!! We couldn't have done it without you all! It's been a busy few weeks getting settled in, starting classes (Andy), and starting IV Staff at VT (Jenny), and it sure has been HOT. Who ever thought moving 6 months pregnant in August would be a good idea?? Needless to say, we are getting more and more settled each day and have enjoyed getting to know a new town, new school, new students, and some new friends! Here are some pics of the move and of our new house!

We stuffed two trailers and four cars FULL of all of our things, and actually managed to fit almost everything. Without Lindsey Kidd's help, though, we would have had to make multiple trips for sure!

Bruiser started out the trip sleeping on the floor at Dan's legs

Until he decided that it was snuggle time with Dan. I don't know how, becuase it doesn't look very comfortable, but they were actually asleep in this picture!!

Needing a break from moving boxes, a piano, and lots of furniture, My parents, Andy's parents, us, and Bruiser went to visit the Drill Field on Tech's campus the next morning.

Bruiser loves his new playground!!

Here are some of my favorite parts of our new home:

My dream come true: a PIANO!!

Our new red couch

A clock for our kitchen that I fixed up

Our small- but cute- kitchen

A crib for baby!!

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Baby Benson and Baby Weymouth

Yay for our good friends, Andy and Alexe Weymouth, who are also expecting a little one soon! Alexe is just a trimester (3 months) behind me. We are so excited and overjoyed for them, and we can't wait for our babies to meet!

more beach pics

We went to see The Phantom of the Opera in DC with my grandparents on the way to the beach.
The water was freezing, but refreshing!!
Miniature golf + Dairy Queen= a good night out!!
Frisbee on the beach
Mom & Dad
This was how I found Andy several times throughout the week!

The fam


So this post is a little late.... but during my family's vacation to Nags Head, NC this year, my brother Dan proposed to his girlfriend, Katie, and she said yes!!! We all knew he was going to propose on tuesday night, and so we had to watch our mouths for three days so we didn't let anything slip out in front of Katie. We are overjoyed, as Katie has been a part of our family and like a sister to me for a long time now- and next summer she will officially be a Berlin!

Watching for Dan and Katie... did she say "yes??"

She said "YES!!"

A toast

Engagement party!

The ring

The happy couple

p.s. sorry some of the pictures have a blurry spot... I think it's from suntan lotion on the lense... oops...