Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Little Piggies

Alright people, call off the dogs. The harassment can stop now. Blogging has resumed. And seriously, how could I have had any time to blog in the last month, with moving, unpacking, and watching an almost two-year-old?

Actually, in all honesty, I LOVE it when people start getting on me to update our blog. Because it means that there are people out there who still read it and check it, and love us. If no one every bugged me about it I would probably start to wonder, "does anyone even care?" So, thanks, and as a sign of my gratitude, here is the first of many updates to come!

Abby's hair has ben sloooooowly growing. I have trimmed the back a few times to keep her from getting a mullet as I try to get it to grow out. I have visions of Abby with her long hair pulled back with clips, bows, and pony tail holders. Oh the joys of mothering a little girl! But right now, her hair is just caRAzy! And by crazy I mean all over the place. Almost falling in her eyes, shaggy over her ears. And I refuse to give her bangs. REFUSE. If you have ever seen pictures of me from ages 3-13, you understand my almost irrational fear of childhood mullets and huge bangs. Thanks, Mom.
However, lately I have been able to pull her hair back into two little pigtails! UGH how I LOVE them. SO much.

More to come!

(And in all fairness, I have to admit that it wasn't really my Mom's fault I had a mullet and then HUGE bangs until I was 14. It was the trailer, in Ruckersville, called "New York Cuts." Nice)