Friday, January 29, 2010

January Cuteness

Abby loves to climb in Bruiser's bed and cuddle with him. He takes it so well! I love that she enjoys him so much. She chases him around, wrestles with him, orders him around- "Boo-suh SIT!" and he just takes it all and is so gentle with her. They are best friends!

She has lived in this tent since we set it up after Christmas. It's her little hiding spot, book-reading area, and a place to take her dollies and have tea parties with them. Every kid needs a cool fort!!

The other day the three of us visited the children's museum in Portsmouth. Abby had a BLAST, so we paid the balance to upgrade to a year membership. It will be a great place to bring Abby during the week while its still cold out, especially once the baby gets here and I am going stir crazy!!

THis last one is one of my favorites right now. This is how Abby smiles for the camera :) I love it!!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Abby reads

Abby LOVES to read, which makes me so very happy! She will seriously spend 45 minutes just sitting and looking through her books, several times a day. She loves for us to read to her before naptime and bedtime, but most of the time when I offer to read to her she says, "no mommy, Abby reads!" And then she does- in her own language, of course! She says the words she knows and then fills in the rest of the story in her own little language. I love it!

Here is a video of her reading her new princess book she got for Christmas.

Adventures in Bread Making

My friend and bread making QUEEN Sheena would be so proud... I have been baking bread!! Lots and lots of it!

My mom gave me the Joy of Cooking cookbook for Christmas this year. My mom has had her copy for years and some of her best recipes come from it, and I had been asking for it for a while. My brother also gave me the movie "Julie and Julia," (and funny thing, Julia Child sort of disses "Joy of Cooking" in it!!), so I have been really inspired lately to branch out a little in my cooking and try some new things. One thing I have always wanted to get into but never had the guts is bread making. It just seems to hard- everything has to be just right, and there is nothing worse than bad bread!! So, I turned to the bread section of this cookbook and it explains the ins and outs of different kinds of breads so well, I thought that maybe I could give it a whirl.
So far I have made french bread, milk bread (which is absolutely amazing), and cinnamon-raisin bread (a few times).

We have been eating the Cinnamon Raisin bread for breakfast in the mornings

And the milk bread is so yummy with some jam or apple butter.

Can you tell Abby loves it?

Look at that sweet jelly face!!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Our Little Musician

Abby has enjoyed music since she was just little bitty and would kick her legs when I would play the piano for her. Now it is so fun to watch her "play" and sing along. Enjoy the video!