Wednesday, December 17, 2008

What we have been up to lately:

Loving "Buh Buh"

Watching for Daddy to come home

Getting stuck in the strangest places, while exploring EVERYTHING!!

Loving reading more and more

Pooping through too many outfits while running errands, and having to resort to wearing mommy's sweatshirt!

Helping mommy sell her Handbags, at the showcase

Pulling every single stuffed animal out of the basket, playing with them for a few moments, and then moving on to the bookshelf

Loving Mac & Cheese- with Butternut Squash hidden in the sauce!

Pulling every magnet off the fridge

Getting taller and taller!!! So much so that Mommy has to start moving things uuuuup and out of my reach!

Hiking with Daddy, Kevin and Uncle C.J.

Making our own Sushi!


Wednesday, December 3, 2008

A month!

Wow has a whole month really gone by since Halloween? It seems like yesterday, and 5 years ago, at the same time! For those of you who talk to us on a regular basis, you have probably heard us say "we are so busy!" about a thousand times in the past year. And for some reason, this past month has been, NO JOKE, the busiest and craziest month so far.
THere's just something about having a one-year-old, working 20+hours/week, being in grad school, working 20 hours/week, having three birthdays to celebrate and a holiday with the families..... whew! It has all been awesome, but there has just been NO time for posting!

What I've been up to lately:
-Raising up and training a new leadership team for IV at VT, while transitioning the old team out of their positions
-working on a talk that I am giving this friday!
-sewing handbags and purses for a show on campus to make some extra moolah
-chasing Abby around the house... she crawls so stikin fast now!
-raising support
-helping a new team of students plan campus-wide justice events
-cheering Andy on as he finishes out a hard semester

What I would like to be doing:
-sewing some bags for myself! And some Christmas presents too, I guess :)
-playing with Abby all day!
-Christmas cookies!
-Christmas crafts!
-Christmas decorations!
-watching movies with Andy!
-Soaking in a bath for 5 hours with a good book, soothing music, and a BIG glass of wine!

Ahhhhh..... I can not wait for this semester to be over!!

**disclaimer... if any of my students are reading this- I love you all, very very much. You keep me cool. And fashionable. Or at least, from becoming frumpy (so far).**

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Going Batty!

For Abby's first Halloween, she went as a.....


I mean, what else, really? A princess? no. A monster? maybe. A nocturnal, hangs up-side-down, blind, rodent-creature? YES!!

And though I am biased, I think she was the cutest bat EVER.

Contemplative Bat

Bat Attack!

With her buddy Jaden. Err, Tiger.

Contrary to popular belief, bats do not eat small animals. In fact, they love little pint-sized doggies the best!

Monday, October 13, 2008


This past weekend was fall break, which meant we had friday off!!!

So, we decided to celebrate fall break by doing a bunch of "fall things," like...

apple picking!!!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Wedding Part 2

Finally the rest of the wedding photos! (Sorry family, it's been an extra busy semester!)

Look at that big smile! And that big suitcase! There's a guy ready to be married and on his honeymoon!

Meredith and her sister Melissa were AWESOME and babysat Abby and our God-daughter, Kelly for us during the ceremony. THANKS girls!!

Waiting to be announced at the reception

First dance- he gazed into her eyes the entire time. I can't tell you how it warms my heart to see my baby brother so in love, and with such a great girl!

Father/daughter dance. Mr.Whitlow is so great- having lived in a house with 6 (SIX!!) women for the last 20 years, he has the sweetest heart and a GREAT sense of humor. He even made a special trip to the store to buy a bottle and some formula for Abby for me. I think everyone was tearing up during their dance, knowing how special their relationship is!

Mother/son dance

Would you expect anything less??

We were all holding out breath, waiting to see if Dan would smash the cake in Katie's face. You see, the old, pre-married, single Dan DEFINATELY would have. But something happened to Dan the MINUTE Katie started to walk down the aisle. It's like he grew up in a minute! He ever-so-sweetly and delicately placed a small piece of cake in her mouth, no smashage at all. It was amazing.

Robin's Maid of Honor toast. I laughed so hard my abs hurt! (And boy did they need the work-out!)

Dad's Best Man toast

Katie's sister Lauren caught the bouquet!

Breakin' it down: (it just so happened that the Lentz's, Berlin's, Barnetts, AND the Hokie's in the house ALL love to dance... never a dull moment!)

Our god-daughter, Kelly- she's so cute!!!

Mom and Katie's mom Randi. LOVE IT!

Even Dan joined in on the Macarena!

Look how happy they are!!!

My sweet cousins Hannah, Kathryn, Bekah, and Sarah Berlin. They started dancing before everyone else, and didn't stop until they had to leave. The are my inspiration.

Poor Abby was SOO tired, but she still loves her Uncle Dan!

The old Tinkers Cove Road crew, minus Aaron and Charles. These people have literally known me my whole life. I have some great memories from those days when we used to live on Tinkers Cove!

Lentz family (my mom's side) portrait

And the true Lentz family. How I love them!

The Berlin's!!

My cousin Laura and I, who is like a sister to me!

Get these kids outta here!!

My best friend Cara, my hero... she took care of Abby a TON (like, practically the WHOLE TIME!) at the reception so I could enjoy being a bridesmaid. She walked with her when she was fussy, took her away from the crowds when she got overwhelmed, and loved on her as only a good auntie can. THANK YOU my life saver!!