Thursday, January 29, 2009


Hi, my name is Jenny Benson and I a LOST addict.
But I have found the cure.
Thank you, perspective!

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This morning Abby cuddled up in my lap again, and we watched some old videos from when she was a little bittie. I ran across this one, which I think is my all-time favorite Abby video so far. Its from last fall, when she was about 10 months old.
Sorry for the poor video quality, this is from our point and shoot. At some point I will figure out how to load video from our video camera onto here, but until then... enjoy!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Juicy Buts

I was checking out my "for your reading pleasure" links on the right side of this blog, and when I clicked on "Juicy Bits," it didn't work! And then I looked up at the web address and realized I must have entered it wrong as I was loading it, because it said "" OOPS! Good thing that really isn't a website- that could have been major sketch!

Anyways, enjoy the CORRECT Juicy Bits website if you ever get the time. Her projects are so inspirational. A bit of a prefectionist, and way too detailed in all her sewing than I will EVER have time for, but still totally inspirational.

Moments like these

This morning, bitter cold as it is, is peaceful and quiet so I set Abby up on the kitchen floor with a pile of books and some blocks. I sit at our kitchen table with my laptop, notepad, and a mug of Greenberry's coffee (loveLOVE this stuff...), taking advantage of the quiet to get some work done on my talk for friday. Abby pulls out a book and wanders over to me, lifts up her arms to me and says "oooh oooh," her version of "up, please!" I pull her into my lap and she snuggles down as I flip the pages of her book, pointing out colors and doggies and flowers to her. At one point, she looks up at me and gives me the sweetest smile I almost melt into the floor.

Moments like these nothing else matters. Moments like these I want to bottle up and keep safe forever!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A Blacksburg January...

...Means finding as many fun things to do INdoors to keep our sanity! And knowing that we still have all of February and March to get through before spring even begins to show up... Cold, windy, wet....

This past weekend we gathered with a bunch of our friends and had a pizza night! The kids all had a great time playing with each other- chasing each other around and tiring each other out (YES!!). Our hubbies also enjoyed hanging out- something they rarely get to do with their work and school schedules. I love these sweet friends we have been so blessed to get to know the past year and a half.

Garrett and Sheena have the best pizza making equipment. Must get one of these!

These women have meant so much to me since moving to Blacksburg. I left behind a group of really close girlfriends in Harrisonburg, and when we first moved here I wondered if I would ever have friendships like those again. The Lord really provided for me beyond what I ever imagined!! They have been such a provision of the Lord's, and a reminder that he really does go before us every new place we go!
Me, Danielle, Julie, and Sheena

This is Abby's new face. I call it her "how dare you" look. If you bump her, take something away from her, or she falls down, she looks at you like this as if you have done something horribly wrong to her.

All our kiddos chowing down

Andy got chased around by the kids, and I'm not sure who enjoyed it more-him, or the kids! But, it melted my heart to see how much he enjoyed playing with them. He is such a good Daddy and will be so good with more- good thing, since we want a big(ish) family!

What else we've been up to lately:

My parents came down for a Basketball game a few weeks ago, and Abby got to enjoy some piano time with my Mom.

Abby got a new tote bag for Christmas, and has been enjoying carrying it around the house

Uncle Andy came to visit and let Abby play with his Blackberry. Abby can't wait to see her bff Lallie Beth next month!

Some days, all you need is a pink cammo vest to get you through the day...

I wanted to show you how much Abby has changed in the last year with these last two pictures.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

A Taste of Things to Come...

I'm back!! Life is back in motion, and there is time to blog again! So stay tuned for updates and pictures!!