Monday, October 19, 2009

28 Reasons

28 Reasons Why I Love My Husband On His 28th Birthday:

1. The first time I met him, he showed me a hat he got from Russia and told me all about the amazing Russian Banya's. I have heard him talk about said hat and the banya's about 1,056 times since then.
2. His laugh
3. His servant's heart
4. His heart for "outsiders" and people on the fringe- in college, when we would go to various IV events, he was never concerned with just catching up with his friends, or with being seen by others. His first steps were towards those who looked "out of place," or lonely, or new. This humbles me.
5. How he loves my family.
6. The look on his face and the tears in his eyes when he saw Abby for the first time. I will never, ever forget it.
7. How 4 1/2 years later and 10 pounds heavier, I still believe without a shadow of a doubt that he thinks I am the most beautiful and desirable woman on the planet.
8. He is slow to speak- he listens well, and shares what he thinks only if it is beneficial and not just to hear himself speak or to air his opinions.
9. He thinks I'm funny
10. He cares deeply about his friends.
11. He went to Young Life camp to meet girls, and met the Lord there instead.
12. He understands his brokenness and His need for Christ daily, hourly.
13. He provides for us well
14. He is a hard worker, and loves to be challenged
15. He loves to work with his hands and create- he has built a beautiful bookshelf, a bench, and an entertainment center for our home. I am so proud of him!
16. He is an amazing father
17. He doesn't get upset or stressed out if the house isn't perfectly picked up for him and dinner on the table just right when he gets home from work. I want to keep a clean home and provide yummy, nutritious meals for him and be a good help to him not because he demands it but because he is so gracious with me and appreciative of the things I do for him.
18. He is so quick to forgive, and doesn't hold a grudge.
19. He doesn't complain when I ask him to change poopy diapers or wash the dishes for me.
20. He reads wayyyyyyy more books to Abby at night than I ever do, prays with her, and sings her to sleep. I listen to it all on the monitor and it melts my heart every time.
21. After months of pestering from me, he finally read the Harry Potter series. I have never seen him read a book so fast. EVER.
22. He makes me think about things in new ways
23. He goes to work at 6:30am every morning so that he can get home earlier, and spend more time with his girls.
24. He will always be a beach boy at heart, and now he also shares my love for the mountains
25. He loves to be outdoors- throwing a frisbee, hiking and camping, surfing, snowboarding...
26. He loves the Lord more than he loves me, and this is why I can trust him and follow him.
27. He puts my needs before his own, and loves me so well
28. He is my best friend

Every year there are more and more reasons why I love you, Andy. I am thankful for your life, and for the man that you are and the man God is molding you into. I am humbled by you, delighted in you, and blessed to have been chosen by God to be your wife.

Happy 28th Birthday!