Thursday, February 21, 2008

My loves

Best daddy of the year award goes to...

I fell in love with him all over again the day Abby was born, and I fall in love with him more every day as I watch him adore our sweet girl.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Three months!

Abby is three months old today! I was looking back at some of the pictures from when she was first born, and it's amazing to me to see how much she has changed in just three months! She has grown a TON- she is becoming quite the chunker, with the cutest chunky legs and round little belly. She weighs 12 pounds now, and for the first time the other day I noticed that she actually is starting to feel sort of heavy when I carry her. Here are some pictures of what she's been up to lately

Playing with her talking Tigger with her Grandmommy Berlin

Abby LOVES to take a bath. She loves to relax in the warm water, and spends most of the time licking the water when she can reach it with her mouth.

Andy is the best Dad!! He loves his little girl so much, it warms my heart to watch him dote on her.

Abby and her buddy Jaden get play time together twice a week. They love laying underneeth one of their play gymns together. It is so fun to have another baby that she can grow with!

Abby is starting to be more aware of Bruiser, as he loves to come up to her and sniff her face, lick her hands, and is generally very curious about her. He is so sweet and gentle with her! I can't wait for then to play together when she gets bigger.

Since she can sit up now without falling over (when she is supported, that is) I recently started putting Abby in her "big girl chair" when I am cooking or doing dishes in the kitchen. She LOVES to be up on my level, instead of in her swing on the floor, because she can watch me and interact with me better.

She also recently started interacting with some of her stuffed animals. Before she was pretty clueless about them. She loves it when they give her "kisses," and loves to give them big hugs.

Her lammy is by FAR her favorite. When she is in a playful mood and I hand it to her, she squeals really loud and rolls around with it, sticking it in her mouth and "talking" to it.

And then when she gets tired, her lammy helps her fall asleep.

She discovered her hands a while ago, and lately has figured out how to suck on her fist or a few fingers, and much prefers this to her pacifier. However, she gets frustrated pretty quickly if she can't get the right fingers in her mouth or can't get her fist in her mouth in just the right way, its pretty funny to watch!

Abby mostly sleeps with her hands above her head. I swaddle her for her naps and at bedtime, but she always finds a way to break out of the swaddle and get her arms like this within the first 10 minutes of falling asleep. Sometimes she stirrs and starts whacking herself in her face because she still doesnt control her hands perfectly yet.

This hat swallowed her whole the first time she wore it when she was a couple of days old, and now it barely fits! Shes growing so fast!

Well, that's it for now! In case you haven't noticed, we are absolutely and completely in love with our sweet girl, and totally obsessed with documenting every moment!!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Welcome, baby Weymouth!!

The funniest thing happened today. This morning I told Abby that her new best friend, Natalie Elizabeth Weymouth was born yesterday afternoon at 3:33, and that she would get to meet her soon, and that they were going to have so much fun together! I then left the room for a few minutes and when I came back, this is how I found Abby! She was just so excited to hear the news, she has been waiting for her little friend to be born for three long months, and just couldn't wait to send Natalie a note.

Congratulations, Andy and Lex!! Words could not do justice to describe how EXCITED we are for you that your little one is finally here! Daughters are such a special gift from the Lord, we pray that you enjoy every day more and more as she grows and captures your heart. Cant wait to have our girls grow up together!!

On a side note, isnt our daughter amazing? Writing and spelling already.... must be all the classical music we played for her while she was in the womb...

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Happy 18th Bday, Mattiephish!!

Happy happy birthday Matt! We love you so much, and are so blessed to have you as a brother. We are so glad that you will be here in Bburg with us next year, we can't wait! We hope that today is a wonderful day and that you know how very loved, cherished, and appreciated you are by us, and so many others! Most of all though, we pray that today you will know and remember how loved and honored you are by the God who knit you together 18 years ago, and who knew you and named you as His own long before you were born. We love you!!!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Good Friends

The Lord has been so good to us in preserving, growing, and strengthening many friendships we have had since college. A few weekends ago we went down to Asheville, NC to visit some of these great friends. Andy and Alexe Weymouth moved to Hendersonville last fall, and we, along with Frank and Steph Barrell, visited them for the holiday weekend. It was SUCH a great weekend! I always LOVE getting together with these guys- it is so fun to watch my Andy laugh and goof off with his buddies- no one can make him laugh more than these two! It has also been such a blessing to me to get closer with Steph and Lex, they are such strong women of God and I am always so encouraged by them!
Another cool thing about the weekend was that Andy and I got to revisit several of the places we visited on our honeymoon to Asheville, two and a half years ago. Its hard to believe how much our lives have changed since then!!

This picture was taken at an overlook on the highway on the way to Asheville. Andy and I stopped at this same overlook on the way to our honeymoon and took our picture (on a different camera, so I cant find the old one!). When we saw the overlook on the way to visit the Weymouths, we HAD to stop and capture our new family!

Here is a picture of us in front of the Biltmore durring our honeymoon:

And look at us now!

THe whole gang at the Biltmore

The girls (plus little boy? or girl? Weymouth) at the awesome coffee shop the Dripolator

Crazy boys... this is what the whole weekend was like!

I think this one captures their personalities PERFECTLY

Yummy feast!

Andy was SO cute with Abby all weekend. Here he is working the gas bubbles out of her little tummy. He's going to be such a good Dad- cant WAIT!!!

One last back-to-back shot before Baby Wey comes. Hurry up Baby Wey!!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Christmas 2

So its WAYYYY past Christmas, and past our first post about Christmas, but I had to post these pics for Grandmommy and Granddaddy Berlin... The week after Christmas we spent in Charlottesville with my (Jenny's) family. It was a wonderful, relaxing week. We played LOTS of Settler's and Head & Foot, played with Abby, had Peppermint floats, caught up with old friends, and enjoyed being around my loud, crazy, amazing family. Here are a few pics from the week.

All suited up for a walk around the neighborhood

Aunt Katie and Uncle Dan

Abby loves her Grandmommy!!

Bath time!

New Years feast... note Matt's Hokie pj's!