Wednesday, March 20, 2013

I'm resurrecting this blog. Maybe. We will see. No promises.

Its just that, I have missed this space. It's so quiet here! I can "talk" and no one interrupts me! I can record the events of our day from my perspective and no one can correct me!

To be honest, I meant to visit our smugmug page and stumbled here and felt really sad that 7 (SEVEN!! WHAT!) months have passed and I haven't recorded a single. darn. thing. that has happened since. A single thing. The number one reason I started a blog was to have a sort of "yearbook" to look back on and remember all that had happened in our lives, year after year. And, I am forgetting. The past 7 months have been such a blur. Full. Messy. Really really messy. This three kids thing is HARD. And full. And really really amazing. And I don't want to forget.
When my kids are no longer small enough to be scooped up into my arms. When Charlie's baby chub is all gone and there is nothing left to pinch. When Abby no longer wants an extra snuggle every night. When there are no more nursing babies and barbies strewn across the floor and wooden spoons on every floor for swiftly executed discipline...
I want to be reminded of the sweetness that was laced through these hard, grueling, exhausting days. The little details. I want to drink them in and not forget.

So here we go! Less pictures, more thoughts. Here goes nothing!

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Danielle said...

So glad that you're back!!! I can use some more of the Bensons in my life!