Saturday, March 31, 2012

She said "yes," too!!!

And then, just a week later, MY brother, my BABY brother, convinced his beloved to marry him!

(I am still a little stuck on the fact that he is even old enough to get engaged, let alone married.  MARRIED. As in, a husband... whaaaaa? It seems like just yesterday we were moving him into his dorm at Tech.)

I have lots of pictures from their engagement, because we were there for it!  Well, not the actual proposal- Matt wisely chose to keep that private and just between the two of them.  But, we threw them an engagement party afterwards to celebrate!

(The banner says "She Said 'Yes!'" Thank you, Pinterest!)

Abby was totally jazzed up because she LOVES Becca. And parties.  And people.  She's a bit of an extrovert....

Aaaaaand aparently my mom was a bit jazzed up too...

So glad Meredith could come!  She is a good friend of our family, a former student of mine, and now my co-worker!  

Abby waited very patiently for them to arrive

Here they come here they come!!

After visiting for a bit (and getting food!  The food was amazing!), Matt and Becca shared the story of their engagement.  He sent her on a scavenger hunt around Williamsburg to all of the places that hold special memories for them and their relationship.  And he had a sweet note for her at each of the stops.  Isn't that so sweet and creative?

Here we are!  The new and improved, ever growing Berlin family!  Looking at this picture, it takes my breath away a little bit to realize how blessed we really are.

And this next series, I call "the faces of Charlie..."
The "I want a piece of cake right now!" face

The "I just had a piece of chocolate cake and I'm HYYYYYper!" face

The "seriously?  You are cutting my off?  I want more cake" face

And lastly, I had to include these two.  Charlie parked herself in Dan's lap at one point and it was so sweet.  She loves him.  And, I think she reminds me of him a little?  I wonder if she's going to be like him one day.  Which would be fun since Abby is pretty much a carbon copy of me.  And I happen to think the world of him.  So it gives me hope that they will be great friends one day.

We are all so happy and excited for Matt and Becca.  They are such a great match and compliment each other so well.  They love the Lord and are committed to pursuing a Godly marriage that keeps Christ at the center.  It has been a privilege to watch them start making some of their first big decisions together and really start living out what it looks like to take all of the advice, wisdom, and opinions of others, weigh them all, and make a wise and discerning choice about what is best for THEM, even if it's not necessarily what others would have chosen.  And, I couldn't be happier about his choice for a bride. I can't wait to have Becca as a sister! 

Congrats guys!! We love you!

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