Thursday, March 29, 2012

She said "yes"

So many exciting things have been happening around here lately!

First, this guy:

convinced this girl: (the one in the middle..):

to MARRY him!!!

Andy's brother Chris is getting hitched!!! This fall!! To one of the coolest, most laid-back, easy to talk to, creative, BEAUTIFUL girls ever.  Seriously, we love Su and could not be happier.  She and Chris are the perfect compliments of each other.
And I'm also pretty sure that out of everyone, Abby is the most excited about it. She's going to be a flower girl and will NOT stop talking about it.  We even watched a youtube video of some flower girls the other day so she could learn the proper petal scattering technique- she is very concerned about doing it "just the right way."
We are so happy for Christ, and so happy to have Su join the family this fall!!

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